Steps in Choosing College / University

Steps in Choosing College / University

Why do students pick certain colleges or even universities- private or public? We believe each of them may have different reasons but to some extent, it goes back to reason that they want to pursue their study to higher level- consider Diploma or Degree level. 

We’ve heard every reason imaginable somehow! Surprisingly, some students pick colleges based on the location. They will consider how far the college from shopping mall, cinema, Entertainment Park is. No offense, but usually this kind of consideration usually made by students who are from rural area. Not to say all students. Taking Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu for example, since in Sabah, we have two branches offering different courses where some students prefer taking courses offered in the first branch of Cosmopoint KK since it is located just next to the shopping mall. In addition, in terms of public transportation, it is much more easier for them.
Depending on whatever your personal priorities are, these may or may not be good reasons to pick a college and university. And it's important to remember that what makes one school a student’s dream college may make it a nightmare choice for you. Nevertheless, there are some common steps that we believe all students need to take that will help them in choosing the right college or universities.

To start, think of what do you want, your interest. You may start asking yourself what kind of life you want to have after you graduate. And don’t forget of what you are capable to do, your skills. For example, your interest is in Culinary; definitely you will list down all colleges and universities that offered the course and do some comparison between all the colleges/universities, probably based on the facilities such as accommodation, transportation, fee structures, security and also the location, not to forget the main issue- financial. All these criteria always become issue between students and their parents. So, first thing first, all these need to take into consideration of both parties especially parents side.

In short, it’s recommended to most students that they have two to three colleges in each of the three different criteria. This insures that you are reaching for your fullest potential while guaranteeing that you'll be accepted to some great colleges that you can choose to attend.  And remember, you are just getting started. Asking the people you know for recommendations is a good way to generate a preliminary list of schools. As you research these schools, you'll begin to discover what is important to you. It may turn out that these initial recommendations were spot on or totally

Qualification- That’s right. After considering all personal issues, to choose whether you want to be in private or public college/university, it depends on the qualification you have. Look at your qualification, take SPM examination result for example; to be in private college/university is easier than to enrol in public university. This is the fact that student have to faced nowadays. Let say you only had 3 credits in your SPM examination, the fact that you need to accept is,  it is impossible for you to go for Diploma program in public university with the result.  

Some public University for example UiTM, may enrol student with 3 credits in SPM but not in Diploma program. Its certificates and there are few more criteria need to be screen. Not to say these students with less credit cannot apply for the course but, you need to have plan B, in case you are not accepted, then private college, such as Cosmopoint is an option for you if you still want to go for Diploma program. To be honest, not being able to be part of public university community is bad and leaves some of these students with no hope but come on dear students !! Not being able to be in public university is not the end of the world right?   

Is not that you will have no future just because of you are rejected to be in public university. You still can consider private university such as Cosmopoint College or KLMU as a stepping stone for you to have your Diploma, but of course after doing some survey and comparison. The best way to get started finding colleges is to speak to those around you. Talk to the course counsellors available, teachers, family friends and even your parents. Most often these people will be full of friendly advice and what's nice is that since they know you, they may have specific reasons for recommending a certain college.

Focus on your education objectives- When you think about schools, you need to consider what you really want in an education. Do you want to be trained for a specific line of work? or do you want a more general course for example Business and Management Faculty which consists of E-Business, E-secretaryship, Accountancy, Sales & Marketing and Business Management in Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu? Usually pre-professional education prepares you for a specific job and a liberal arts education, on the other hand, aims to equip you with general knowledge and reasoning skills suitable for many jobs.

Another important issues is- perhaps the biggest factor in determining where you will go to private college such as Cosmopoint College is money. Yes, not denying, it is true that college costs a bundle, with private colleges being especially guilty of exorbitant prices. However, at this point, do not let this issues dictate your goals. Even may be money is tight, don't make it your primary concern at the first place. 

While tuition is expensive, there is also a ton of financial aid available for example PTPTN education loan, MARA loan, and even scholarship for who are qualified such as BKNS. KWSP also part of the financial aids for student. The real question is not how much a college costs, but how much you'll have to pay out of pocket after taking into account scholarships and financial aid.

Once you get accepted, you can actually considering working part time. It could turn out that with financial aid and scholarships, the most expensive college on your list would actually cost your family the least amount of money.

As you exploring for a college or universities- especially private one, you'll somehow discover that some factors are not as important to you as others. In fact, the whole point of going through the process outlined in this guide is to help you- especially SPM leaver to discover what aspects of college life will determine your focus as you research. Ultimately, you want to pick schools that meet your needs. Keep in mind dear students, your college education is one of the most important investments you will ever make in your future and it's worth spending the time to make sure you make the right decision.!!! If you decide to join and be part of Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu College, you are most welcome.

Best wishes and good luck ~

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