New Intake Jun 2015


Permohonan dan pendaftaran pelajar baru JUN 2015 (March Intake) ke Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu Sabah telah dibuka. Untuk maklumat lanjut sila berhubung dengan pendaftar Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu di talian 016-8106348 (En. Amir) atau terus berjumpa dengan pendaftar di;

Cosmopoint College
Menara MAA, Tingkat 4,
Lorong Api-Api 1,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Yuran pendaftaran : RM 200 * Sehingga 29/05/15 sahaja

Kemudahan :

Biasiswa RM 3000 diberikan kepada yang layak
Elaun diberikan setiap bulan
Kelas bahasa Inggeris percuma
Kelas malam dan hujung minggu

Asrama + Bus disediakan




Cosmopoint Sabah Campus
Cosmopoint College of Technology has over the years proven itself capable of being resonated with the delivery of education and training at the highest levels. Since its establishment in 1991, it has continued growing and expanding, sharing with various communities its highest ideals and visions in educating the masses in a wide area of academic specialization. 
Today its presence is as ubiquitous as the centers it has under its wing and the communities it serves – it is represented by a branch campus in all states in the country, from Penang to Johor Bahru, and also to Sabah and Sarawak. In Klang Valley itself, it is composed of its main campus and three other branches spread out in strategic places in the city. 

As one of the longest running colleges in the country, its strength and growth has been the result of its consistency in producing courses that are relevant to the specific needs of the industries and being ahead of the curve in innovating and anticipating future developments. 

With a total student population of more than 10,000 all over the country, Cosmopoint is well placed to continue its quest to be at the forefront of the education industry and all this while, it has continued to strive expeditiously in all aspects so that it will remain as the leading education organization for many years to come.

Cosmopoint’s Strengths 

Over the years, Cosmopoint has come to be known as a sturdy and dependable education institution that has kept providing the kind of quality courses and programs that have benefited people in the professional and personal areas of their lives. 

Cosmopoint’s courses and programs are the result of years of development and refinement and the college’s experience has served the organization well in maintaining the overall standards and setting the kind of benchmarks that determine the daily decisions, directions and aspirations that college places its biggest emphasis on. 

Growing up with the times, the college has undergone the best learning experience in keeping astride the ever-evolving and changing needs of the education industry. In producing students who are both competent in their studies and able to excel in the workplace, Cosmopoint has been unequivocal in its effort. Year after year, students have all graduated into the working world with a commendable measure of the right attitude, skills and knowledge, all ready to take on far greater challenges lying ahead of them. 

Today, Cosmopoint is still very much on cue in educating the masses at the most affordable prices with courses that are readily available in whichever part of the country a student or individual may be located. In many big or small towns across the country, Cosmopoint is probably the only college in the country that has made accessible popular IT diplomas and advanced certificates in graphic designing, creative multimedia, software engineering, networking and many other courses to these townspeople. 

Backed by its web of expertise and a long tradition of delivering programs that make a difference, the company has a reservoir of resources to continue to exist and serve those who are in search for the beacon of academic accomplishments. 

Through the years, the institution has consciously striven to put together elements in its courses’ curricula that would specifically benefit students by way of equipping them with the kind of practical and personal skills that employers would be most keen to hire.

Pathway to Further Education 

The automatic progression for Cosmopoint students after completing their diploma programs or advanced certificates would be to have their credits transferred to Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMU) if they intend to undertake a degree course of their choice. 

KLMU has been established by the Cosmopoint Group of Companies in 2006 after the approval was received from the Ministry of Higher Education.Offering courses in a wide variety of disciplines, the newly established university college is brimming with renewed vigor and excitement. Students also have the option to study abroad at any of KLMU’s partner universities in Europe, Australia or New Zealand. 

Today with a total of 13 centers located in every state, Cosmopoint Group of Colleges is ready to continue featuring itself strongly in daily lives of those who have already aligned themselves to its high quality standard of training and education, and in years to come, it is also looking forward to diligently serve many more locals and foreigners alike in their pursuit of academic excellence in their chosen fields of specialization.



Cosmopoint Student
We envision that our responsibilities extend far beyond what would be considered the general level of quality and commitment to assist our students in transforming themselves into a highly contributive person within the communities he plies his trade or profession. We also provide our students with the enrichment that will allow him to grow to the fullest extent in terms of the acquisition of formal and informal training, skills and knowledge in the areas that are pertinent to his field of studies. 
The strong education culture we have built over a span of nearly 20 years will constantly provide us the backdrop in which to work our way through in “translating” complex details into language and presentation understood by all our students. 

Our courses will mirror the kind of quality and standards that would be as near perfect as we can in matching what is being practiced in the real world. We intend to pay heed to the key and influential developments in the industry in the local and international scenes in order to be on par with some of the best in the region and in time, the world as one of our future plans. 

We will keep ourselves grounded to the highest ideals and our humble beginnings, and be affixed to listening to our customers and students with an open attitude, to issues of mutual concern that the community of the college feels strongly about. 

We believe in preparing our students not only for the next phase of their lives which would necessitate the developing of their interpersonal, communicative and social skills through healthy and beneficial activities. Subtle but effective learning elements will be incorporated into our students’ group work or assignments and teamwork will be encouraged and inculcated wherever applicable. 

We have proven over the long haul that when it comes to employment, our students drive a strong bargain with the local and international companies and we shall ensure that programs that directly meet the needs of these employers will continue to be given a top priority. For courses that we intend to introduce in the future, we will keep incorporating the kind of ingredients that will give our students a certain competitive edge that will allow them to thrive in the workplace and beyond. 

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Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Lorong Api-api 1, Level 4
Kota Kinabalu, CA 88300
Phone: +6008260991
Fax: +6008250991