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Tourism in Sabah- Opportunities for Cosmopoint's students.



Speaking of Tourism in Sabah, as mentioned in Daily Express on Thursday, April 19, 2012- Sabah's recognition as being one of the top destinations for tourists where the statistic from Sabah Tourism Board (STB) showed that 37 % increased in Chinese tourist arrivals in Sabah last year while by January this year, it has  jumped by 103 % (Daily Express, April 19, 2012). 

The increased in the industry means a lot to Diploma in Tourism Management students from Cosmopoint College Sabah where it's an opportunity for student to develop themselves in the industry locally and doesn't have to travel to other states in Malaysia to find a job in the industry after graduate. In fact, the growing tourism industry in Sabah also creates opportunities to students of Hotel Management program, Culinary Arts program, Bakery and Pastry Program as well as students from Business and Management Program.  

Besides that, according to the Tourism, Cultural and Enviroment Minister stated in the news, tourism in Sabah is growing very fast, and he believed, by mere commercial consideration, there would be other airlines apart from AirAsia that would cater to tourists between Sabah and also Taiwan. So, this can be conclued that, it's a good stepping stone for students who decided to join Tourism Program in Cosmopoint College Sabah, since students will be attending the course locally and later, after the graduation, working locally.

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