Cosmopoint Registration

Cosmopoint Registration

First of all, WELCOME to Cosmopoint Sabah- Kota Kinabalu Campus- to all students especially for those who already signed up as Cosmopoint student for Mei and June 2012 Intake. For SPM leaver out there, who haven't decided where and which institution to study, you may take into consideration of signing up with Cosmopoint Sabah. Don't Worry, the campus will not send you away to other campus outside Sabah, unless it is on your request! >_<

So, talking about our nearest intake in Cosmopoint Sabah, which is on Mei (Minor Intake of the year) and June (Major Intake of the Year) 2012, I believe, for student who already registered, all of you already given information by Registrar especially info on PTPTN, Students Affairs and also the Academic side <I do hope all of did get the info! >.  For those who are in the mushy middle kind of situation, especially, students who registered through “Bank in”, and never met with his/her registrar, receiving information on the courses through phone – Office Calls or text <which I believed done by most of the Registrar>, please contact your Cosmopoint Sabah registrar and ask them questions.. <Remember, they are paid to giving out info to student right?>  OR follow this site to check on the updated information, not only on the Intake but also information on students’ activities as well as the academic side.
As for today, I like to explain some information on registration part that usually lead students into mushy middle kind of situation. 

Registration Fees- RM 400 or RM 200?

FYI, previously, the registration fee for new student was RM 400 which actually the sum of Application fees (RM100) and Subject Registration (RM300). This amount is only paid once upon registration. Since August last year, Cosmopoint College was offering incentives to new intake student, whereby the registration was reduced to RM 200 (RM100 for application and another RM100 is for Subject Registration) and all new students are entitle to received RM 1000 incentive- Hostel Boucher (not a cashable boucher).  

However, the incentive is not offered every intake, upon further notice by KLMU- the main campus for Cosmopoint College, the incentive will not be offered to new students anymore. Meaning to say, the registration fees will be back to the original amount of RM400 and RM 1000 Boucher will not be available upon registration.

Next question that usually asked by student- why reduced to RM 200? Well, for that question, as one of Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu Sabah Registrar, I don’t actually know either and I don’t have answer for that, but I guess, it is kind of promotion to attract more students coming to Cosmopoint Sabah, and most important is to reduced the financial burden faced by students. Of course everybody like lower fees, am I right?  I like cheap but with a quality … >-<

Ok so, next question? Where is the Hostel? Transportation provided or not? What are the facilities provided and  bla.. bla.. bla.. bla… like bluffing sound!

For those questions, please refer to the next post tomorrow. Next explanation will be made on the Hostel and Transportation provided by campus.. so stay with me >>> Sir Amir

Oppsss… Last but not least, I hope this information helps you to understand the exact situation and registration process as well as helping you to clear the muddy water. For student who interested to be part of Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu community, contact me at 0168106348. Don’t have to call <unless you have extra money to Top up> Just text me, I will definitely call you back! 

See ya around Campus > Cosmopoint Sabah. Bye