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Welcome to Study Skills & Study Tips – 1st  

www.cosmopointcollege.comEducation is the foundation of our nation’s future, which is why it is essential that you obtain one before you begin to live your life.

To start with the topic, I like to ask you question, and I want you to honest with your answer, ok?
What year are you in Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu Sabah now? What is your last semester CGPA / PNGK ? Em, please don’t let me comes with my own assumption… Anyway, if you are above 3.00, congratulation!  

This info may not really what you need then, because I believed you have your own ways of study. So, what about those who are below than 3.00? Please do not tell me your CGPA is below 2.50!! Below 2.50?? To be straight, with that pointer, you better quit and get married for girls, and find a job for the boys.. Why? Cause’ you gain nothing with your result later on, so don’t waste your time and your money! 

2.80?? Well, I have to say, your pointer is sucks but can be improved as long as you want it to improve. So, skills and tips to study in this page is what you need. Oh and before that, I want you to remember, tips that shared here is not a guarantor for you to jump for 2.80 to 4.00. Unless you do magic..! Most important is your determination and commitment. With these two, you will be willingly to change your routine and it is easier for you to take into account each tips provided here. In simple word, the way that you study is a reflection of who you are and how much you’re willing to put forth when it comes to work, relationships and obviously your education. 

When comes to making a decision, every small decision that you make is a reflection of your brain pattern and a test towards your character. There are few characteristics of studying skills required including creativity, dedication, punctuality and self-discipline. Studying yourself is also challenging your intelligence and the way that you want to progress with your education. >_<

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